Soon after gaining initial traction in Nashville, TN, while supporting The Band Camino on a sold-out national tour in 2019, COVID hit. The four-piece band, known as Hardcastle, went their separate ways, and frontman Graham Laderman left everything he knew for LA. Hardcastle's next chapter began as Laderman sought a realignment with his childhood dream of creating and sharing his music.


Laderman eventually connected with Done Deal Management (Lisa & Rob Cavallo). Through vocal lessons, A&R sessions, guidance, and a ton of writing, Laderman began to find newfound confidence. In August 2023, Laderman arrived at Revolver Studios with Noah Christian (bass), Jason Puma (drums), and producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, The Goo Goo Dolls, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and more) to begin recording Hardcastle's upcoming record (title TBA). The project captures the spirit of Laderman's journey of healing, self-discovery, and an ever-present love for music.


With Hardcastle's newest member, Raul 'Perro' Murillo on guitar and a record on the way, the band is poised for an explosive 2024. 


Hardcastle, an alternative rock band originally formed in Nashville, Tennessee, has been making a lasting impact on the music scene since its inception in 2018. The original four-piece ensemble featured Val Hoyt on guitar, Noah Christian on bass, and the Laderman brothers, Graham on vocals, and Miles on drums. Together, they cultivated a sound that resonates with a diverse audience and weaves together a unique musical identity, seamlessly blending freshness with nostalgic evocation.


Hardcastle's story began in Atlanta, GA, as the Laderman brothers alongside Val Hoyt began to play small clubs and bars in the area. With an insatiable hunger to perform, the band played on any and all stages they could find. Sometimes, with songs that weren't even fully written. Eventually, the members migrated to Nashville, TN, where they were influced by a new environment and new musical palletes. Here, the band connected with bassist Noah Christian and began to hone their songwriting and production. 


In 2019, Hardcastle garnered widespread attention with the release of "Mundane," a single that captivated music enthusiasts and critics alike. The song's compelling fusion of introspective lyrics and infectious melodies not only showcased the band's songwriting prowess but also secured a spot on Spotify editorial playlists such as 'The New Alt.' This accomplishment underscored Hardcastle's growing influence and popularity within the alternative rock genre.


The band also began to solidify their presence in the live music scene in and around the Nashville area. They became part of a budding scene by doing DIY tours with The Band Camino, The Wldlfe, Jet Black Alley Cat, and more. Eventually, The Band Camino invited the band to open for them on their sold out national headline tour in 2019. Hardcastle's enthralling stage presence and emotionally charged live renditions significantly contributed to the expansion of their dedicated fan base. 


Due to the impact of COVID 19 and other various motivations, In 2020, the band members decided to go their separate ways. While this marked the end of an era for Hardcastle, it also paved the way for individual members to explore new musical horizons and continue contributing to the ever-evolving world of music. Currently, Val Hoyt is playing guitar for the band Flor and other artists while also releasing his own music. Miles Laderman tours with The Wldlfe, and Noah Christian tours with Greyscale, in addition to being an active member of Hardcastle.


Following the disbandment, Graham Laderman relocated to LA. Here, he began again, searching for his path. While he had seen amazing heights in Nashville, he had also lost his sense of self. During this time, Laderman continued his musical journey by way of exploration... he ventured into various genres, worked with many collaborators, and began to play shows again.


 In 2022, things took a turn. Laderman signed a management deal with Done Deal Management, led by Lisa and Rob Cavallo. Under their guidance, through vocal lessons, A&R sessions, and extensive writing, Laderman began to find newfound confidence and vision. This came from a realignment with his desire for creating powerful rock music from his soul, giving back to his younger self... the kid daydreaming of playing arenas with his band. 


In August 2023, Laderman, along with Noah Christian (bass), Jason Puma (drums), and producer Rob Cavallo (known for his work with Green Day, The Goo Goo Dolls, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and more), entered Revolver Studios to commence recording Hardcastle's upcoming project (title TBA). The project encapsulates Laderman's journey of healing, self-discovery, and an unwavering love for music.


With Hardcastle's newest member, Raul 'Perro' Murillo on guitar and a record on the way in Septmber, the band is poised for an explosive 2024.